Tips To Create Unforgettable Restaurant Terrace Design

Well,  drinking coffee in restaurant terrace is pleasant. While enjoying this coffee, we can enjoy outdoor view. On big city, this restaurant terrace design can be found anywhere. At least there are six thing we should consider to create this restaurant terrace. These things are outdoor furniture, privacy, free space, table decorating, roof and lighting. Outdoor furniture is needed for this restaurant. This outdoor furniture can be made from wood, wicker, plastic, stainless steel and other synthetic material. This material has to be withstand from temperature changing. Then this furniture can be completed with big umbrella. It has function to make shady, create intimate atmosphere and beautify this place.

Restaurant Terrace Design

Privacy is important factor on restaurant terrace design. Everybody need privacy. It can be created by giving proper distance between one furniture set and other. Besides this way can give privacy for people who sit here, it also give free space on this area. This free space is needed to avoid crowded atmosphere and situation. Nobody will feel comfortable eating and drinking on crowded place.

Restaurant Terrace Pictures

To decorate table can be done in many ways. It can be given table cloth or not depended on its restaurant market target. For high class restaurant terrace design, table cloth is important to make it looked tidy, clean and guest respecting. But for restaurant terrace near street, it’s not necessary to put table cloth. Here is enough to put tissue paper and fake flower. For high class restaurant, this fake flower is changed with fresh flower.

Restaurant Terrace Ideas

This restaurant terrace design is necessary to be given roof. Roof can protect it from rain. This roof can be made from polycarbonate, so natural light can still pas through this material. Other roof is permanent roof. It can happen on home or building that is specially designed to create restaurant terrace outside this home or building. So, this roof is prepared for this restaurant.

Good lighting can complete its beauty. These lamps can be installed on roof or wall. Besides electric lamp, candle is good alternative to create romantic and intimate atmosphere, specially on night time.

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