Tips To Create The Right Bathroom Arrangements

All of bathroom furniture and appliances can be arranged on L shape or U shape. Big size bathroom can use These L and U shape, but for small bathroom, L shape is better choice. L shape give free space bigger than U shape. This free space give spacious impression for this small bathroom. To arrange these all bathroom elements can be started from bathtub. This is the main appliance on bathroom. And then other appliances and furniture can be arranged after placing bathtub and shower. Here can be installed fiberglass shower unit or just shower curtain. It’s good depended on how much budget will be spent.  Other bathroom arrangements factors are lighting, furniture and appliances size and theme.

Bathroom Arrangements

Lighting is important element on bathroom arrangements. Without good lighting, good bathroom arrangements style will not be felt complete. Besides it’s for lighting this bathroom, it’s for decorating it. Beautiful bathroom need beautiful lighting. This lamp can be installed on the wall or ceiling. On ceiling, it can be installed hanging lamp or non hanging lamp. Crystal hanging lamp is beautiful for luxurious and expensive bathroom. Besides that, lighting color choice can be used for other purpose. For example, red can create exciting atmosphere and pink can bring romantic atmosphere on bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Arrangements

The next bathroom arrangements factor is furniture and appliances size. It must be adapted with bathroom dimension. Big bathroom has flexibility than small bathroom. For small bathroom, we must select small or medium for bathroom furniture and appliances.

Bathroom Floral Arrangements

Last thing is theme. Color theme and ornamental theme are element to create certain atmosphere. If we like flower, we can decorate bathroom with floral theme. Ceramic on wall and floor, bathroom vanity, shower curtain and so on with this floral theme can be chosen. Besides that, it’s god if on the bathroom wall is installed several flower pictures. With this decoration, this bathroom will be looked cheerful.

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