Tips To Create Spacious Impression On Small Mobile House

To make spacious impression on small mobile house, it can use several method that can be used on small house decorating. The main task is creating larger impression. First thing that we have to do is removing all of unnecessary stuffs from here. Only needed stuffs can be put here. Avoid clutter from this small mobile house is important. After removing all of unnecessary and un needed stuffs, this room must be more loose, but if there are still stuffs to be put here, be creative, find hidden place to store this stuff. It can avoid from clutter possibility while it keeps this room is on concise and tidy.

Small Mobile House

Undoubtedly, color play important role on small room, no matter where they are. Light color is better for this small mobile house than dark color. Besides this light color make this room is looked larger than actually size, it also make this room become brighter and looked clean. It’s good for small room. To create larger illusion on ceiling, there are two way that we can do. First way is painting with lighter color than wall and second is put only shorter furniture on this room. It will give additionally free space between ceiling and this furniture.

Small Portable Home

Putting several lamps on this small mobile house room is god to make brighter this room. Ceiling lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, hanging lamp can be installed together. Besides installing these lamps, installing mirror on the wall is good decorating trick. Besides for serving its main function, it can also reflect light. So, when night it can reflect lamp light and on the day, it can reflect natural light.

Tiny Mobile Home

Last is window treatment. Mirror  can reflect natural light, if this small mobile house has window with proper number and size. Window is important element to pass natural light and fresh air. To decoate it, use fabric curtain with light color and simple ornament. Avoid curtain with heavy ornament to small room.

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Published on September 29, 2012
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