Tips To Create Small Home Floor Plan

Usually term of small home is used for a home with dimension less than 1000 square feet. This is bigger than tiny house or little house on trailer, but it’s still less flexible to arrange furniture and appliances. One of clever trick to solve limited space on small home floor plan is by functioning one room for more than one duty. This great trick. It can save a lot of space. One room with one duty can only practiced on big home, small and medium are better to use trick one room for several duties.

Small Home Floor Plan

Identify first all possibility duties at home then use this information when planning a small home floor plan. Give attention to bedroom, living room and kitchen. Usually if there are more than one bedroom on home, one bedroom is functioned as master bedroom with bigger size than other bedroom. This master bedroom is completed with bathroom inside this bedroom. And other bedroom use outside bathroom. So, there are two bathroom. One inside and one outside bedroom. This is not god idea.

Small House Open Floor Plans

Bathroom on master bedroom is only for parent who stay here and outside bathroom is for kids and parent. So, parent can use inside and outside bathroom. It’s more efficient if for this small family is only built one outside bathroom. Master bedroom will be smaller and more efficient. Here will create new space. This space can be used for other purpose, for example creating laundry room. Efficiency is important factor on small home floor plan.

Small Home Plans

Living room can also run more than one duty. For example, family room can be created here. If possible installing non permanent divider or partition here. It can be bought on the store. It doesn’t matter if there is not divider. But, it’s better to give enough distance between sofa on living room with family room. It’s for keeping privacy guests. Last idea is kitchen. Dining room can be placed on kitchen. It will save extra space. Arrange kitchen furniture and appliances in concise way, so it’s enough to build dining room here.

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