Tips To Create Rock Table Folk Art In Low Budget

A house in rustic region is good if this living room or patio are decorated with rock table folk art. It will gives antique impression for  this room. This table can be bought on antique store. Besides for creating antique and folk impression, this table decoration can also be used to remember every memory from the past. It reminds us living from the past, when we were still children, stayed on grand ma and grand pa house. But if we look for this table on antique store, maybe we will meet difficulty to get old table, but in good condition.

Rock Table Folk Art

It’s good idea to make this rock table folk art in simple way. As first task, find old or unused table on home. Clean first this table from all of dirt, then smoothing its surface with sandpaper. After that, this table need to be painted again. It’s better to do it on well ventilated room on hot weather to get better result. After this task is done, then buying granite or marble sheet with the right size, or maybe we will need to incorporate several granite or marble sheets to cover top table side. Usually this granite or marble sheet come on rectangle shape, but if we can hire someone to cut it on circle shape, it’s good.

Folk Table Art

Assuming we choose granite here. After this granite has been placed on top side table, now it’s time to decorate it with folk art. Some original rock table folk art are decorated with ornament carving, but it’s very difficult for us. Now we will use simple way to decorated this granite top side. We can use stencil to beautify this surface. Stencil is widely use to decorate room wall, but actually it can be used to decorated anything.

Folk Table Art Design

Buy screen printing with folk art ornament style. Then put this screen printing on top side surface. Then use roller or air brush to paint it. If we do it well, this ornament will be printed on this top side table. Hat’s it. This rock table folk art is finish.


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