Tips To Create Cross Leg Coffee Table

Creating furniture with personally touching is more interesting than use standard furniture as when we buy. If we want to save money, giving personally touching on furniture is one o smart way. For example, someday we want to buy coffee table, but on the same time, there’s old table on our home that is never be used anymore, even though its condition is still good. So, what can we do for it? Sell this old table and money from this selling is used to buy coffee table? Of course not! There’s better idea here. This old table is changed become coffee table. So we can save money. We are not necessary anymore to buy coffee table. Now we will try to create coffee table with legs crossed.

Coffee Table With Legs Crossed

At first time measure first area on a room where this coffee table with legs crossed will be put, then determine exactly dimension for this coffee table. Assuming this old table is bigger than area dimension on its room, so this table has to be reduced its dimension by cutting it. Use pencil to make cutting line and then use saw to cut it. Before cutting it, its better to remove all of its legs.

Cross Legs Coffee Table

After this table is cut, then it needs to be smoothed. Use sand paper to do it. Then all of legs are arranged with ”X” arrangement to make coffee table with legs crossed. There are several options to do it. This cross leg can be formed on width side part, length side part or on center table. If necessary to make stronger its construction, it’s better to add wood to connect each legs.

Cross Leg Dining Table

After all of these parts are assembled, then it’s time for painting it. Adapting this color choice with room interior. Painting on open yard on bright weather will get better result. This process can be used again to create other coffee table with legs crossed. We can explore other ideas, such as cross leg table with circle, oval and polygon shape as table top shape.

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