Tips To Create Comfort Room With Tile

To create comfort room, tile can play important role. The right ceramic and natural stone choice can be good tiles for comfort room. These tiles can be installed on floor and wall. On living room, bedroom and family room are installed on the floor, and on kitchen and bathroom are installed on floor and wall. Tiles on wall at kitchen and bathroom have functions to decorate these rooms and protect its wall from water to prevent from humidity condition and mildew growth. Usually tiles for wall have dimension smaller than tiles for floor.

Tiles For Comfort Room

Ceramic is common flooring tile type. It can be bought on affordable price. It’s hard, strong, water and scratch resistant. Nowadays there are a lot of ceramic with beautiful ornament and pattern. This ceramic come in several sizes. For small room, its better to use standard size and for big room, it can uses standard and big size. To get good tiles for comfort room, it needs good ceramic quality, color and its ornament. Its color and ornaments must be harmonized with room interior where this ceramic will be installed.

Comfort Room Tiles Design

If we want to get luxurious look, natural stone like marble and granite are good choice. These are good tiles for comfort room. It’s also hard, strong, water and scratch resistant. But it’s more expensive than ordinary ceramic. Besides that, installing marble and granite are more difficult than ceramic and it needs maintenance more than ceramic. But these materials are good to create luxurious, cold and shady atmosphere. Its cost is balance with its benefit.

Comfort Tile Flooring

Other materials that can be considered are hardwood and linoleum. Coated hardwood is good to create eco friendly environment, cold and shady atmosphere. But it’s less durable than ceramic and natural stone. It will leave mark, if we put heavy furniture above it. Linoleum is cheapest material to be chosen. Easy to install and replace it whenever we are bored. It’s good for high traffic and wet places like kitchen and bathroom. It’s also less maintenance.

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