Tips To Create Chrome Glass Round Table

Chrome is abbreviation from chromium. Nowadays it’s widely used to give coating on any material. Furniture that is polished with chrome will be looked sparkling, modern, shiny and luxurious, specially if this furniture is made from metal. To do it, there are several methods with its different advantage and weakness. But, if we look for the simplest way is by using chrome paint that can be bought on paint store. This chrome paint can be used to paint metal, wood, fiber, glass, fabric and so on. It can be used to polish furniture, including if we want to make chrome glass round table for living room or dining room. Or we can create modern coffee table with this chroming technique.

Chrome Glass Round Table

To use this chrome paint, there are two ways: spray and air brush. Spray is better than air brush. Now preparing table to be chromed. Assuming we have old round wood table, that is never used anymore. It will be changed its appearance by chroming become chrome glass round table. First time, clean all of surface from dirt and dust. Use sand paper to do it. It’s better if this activity is done when weather is bright and on well ventilated place to get better result.

Glass Chrome Coffee Table

After cleaning process is done, then to make it more shiny later, painting first all of surface with base coat. Wait until it’s dry. After that, use spray to paint it with chrome paint. Keep distance at least 10 inch from spray nozzle. Do it until all of table surface is completely painted. Try to make the same paint thickness for all surface. Then put round glass as top table on top side. Now chrome glass round table is done.

Chrome Glass Dining Table

This process is simple. But to get perfect result, we need practice many times. This table will be brighter again if this table material is made from metal, because metal has material structure harder and more dense than wood.

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