Tips To Create Bigger Impression On Tiny Trailer House

Very small dimension on tiny trailer plans give advantage and disadvantage. This advantage is less time and effort to decorate and maintain it. And this disadvantage is how we can feel comfortable on this very limited space. The answer for this problem is creating illusion to make it look bigger than its real dimension. But how to do it? Color, light and mirror are the answer to do it. Undoubtedly that on this small room, we have to avoid dark color. Soft light color is good. White, neutral and pastel color are best choice. Now look at the room. This room has four wall sides. To make it looked bigger, every wall sides should be painted in the same color. It will make it looked bigger.

Tiny Trailer Plans


Besides painted this wall, ceiling can be good tiny trailer plants element o create this illusion. This ceiling is better to be painted with lighter color than wall. For example if this wall is painted with warm caramel color, so ceiling can be painted with white or lighter color than warm caramel color, such as toasted oatmeal color. Besides it makes good illusion, these colors combination are beautiful to be applied.

Small Trailer House Plans

This tiny trailer plans also have to get enough natural light to brightening this room. Proper size window is a must for this tiny trailer house. To make it brighter, this window frame can be painted with white color. And it be completed with simple and thin curtain in white color. To give variation, we can buy white fabric with simple ornament. To brightening this room on night time, it has to be there are several lamps here. Make sure all of wall corner are lighted by these lamps.

Small Travel Trailer Plans

Last idea is installing big glass mirror sheet on the wall. But this idea maybe will not fit for thisĀ portable house, because this glass mirror can be broken and crack under shaking influence on the street. To reduce its possibility to be broken, we can install smaller size mirror. Believe or not, this big glass mirror sheet presence will make double this room illusion.

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