Tips To Create A Lighted Acrylic Coffee Table

I often listen people ask how to make a lighted acrylic coffee table. It’s great idea to make drinking coffee event become exciting. Do you remember when you are on street and on you see there are many neon signs on the street? These neon signs making principle can be used to make a lighted acrylic coffee table. Actually, to make it is not difficult. It just need box frame, acrylic sheet, lamp and electric outlet. Most acrylic sheet that’s used to make these neon signs are blurry white. Only lamps inside these box that have color. So, when this lamp is turned on, this acrylic sheet will be shined with certain color.

How To Make A Lighted Acrylic Coffee Table

Now how to make a lighted acrylic coffee table question has answer. Let’s star to make this table. We can make this coffee table from the scratch or we can make from existing coffee table then modify it. Modifying is simpler than creating from scratch except if this coffee table has very simple shape. Now it’s time to modify existing coffee table. Assuming this coffee table shape is rectangle. Later this principle can be applied on other shape like circle.

Acrylic Coffee Table Square

Every coffee table usually has rectangle hole, whether this hole is covered or not. If there is rack on this hole, so remove this rack. Prepare lamp, cable and outlet. Measure this hole dimension, width and length. Put lamp on this hole on proper position. We need to make hole to put this lamp inside. Then this rectangle hole is covered with acrylic sheet. Use screw to install it. If everything are installed well, this acrylic will be shined after this lamp is turned on.

Round Acrylic Coffee Table

Above making principle can be applied on other coffee table shape. We can also make this lighted table from the scratch. It’s also simple. First task is making frame. It can be made from wood or aluminum. Arrange them into our favorite shape. Use screw an adhesive to incorporate every part of these acrylic sheet, lamp, cable and outlet. If we want to make coffee table with funky style, several lamps with different color can be installed inside box. That’s it, it’s ready to be turned on. Now we know that how to make a lighted acrylic coffee table is not difficult.

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