Tips To Coordinate Good Colors On Room

We know that main colors in the world are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black. But there are hundreds variations of these colors and it can produces thousands color combinations. And question here, how can we make good colored coordinated rooms? First rule is restricting only three colors to decorate room. Second rule is setting up one main color then complete with two colors. Third rule is starting from wall then can be continued on ceiling, floor, furniture, window and its decorating elements and other stuffs on this room. Let’s started.

Colored Coordinated Rooms

First rule to make colored coordinated rooms is determining main color first. We will try to use green as main color. There are many various grey color. Here we will pistachio ice cream color. It’s one of soft light grey color type. Two colors that is good to be combined with this color are sea spray color and white. This is second rule. Then third rule is applying these colors. Wall can be painted with pistachio ice cream color. Ceiling and window frame are painted with white. Furniture are painted with sea spray color. Other possibilities can be explored by yourself.

Room Color Scheme

If we like blue, how can we make colored coordinated rooms with blue? It’s similar way with above example. First time is determining what kind of blue that we will use. For example, we will use deepest aqua color as blue variation. Then this color can be completed with water chestnut and bittersweet chocolate color. Now, three wall side can be painted with this deepest aqua color and one wall side is painted with water chestnut. Cabinet and window frame are painted with water chestnut color. Furniture are chosen on bittersweet chocolate color.

Room Color Matching

On the first example, we own three colors: pistachio ice cream, sea spray and white. Actually from these three colors, we can make three combinations. It’s free to determine whether pistachio ice cream, sea spray or white color as main color then two residual colors as complement colors.

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