Tips To Choose The Right Stair Runner Rods For Your Stair

Stair runner rods have function to increase safety level and stair beauty. It can increase safety because this appliance can make tight carpet on its place. Besides that, carpet will be looked more tidy. Now this appliance is designed for fulfilling the core function and aesthetic function. Choosing this appliance should give attention on these two things. To get the right stair runner roads, here are few tips to select it. First tips is this appliance has to be fit with room decoration. For example, if this room wall is painted with light yellow and carpet for stair has beige color, so stair runner rods that is coated with brass is match with this room.

Stair Runner Rods

Second tip is adapting these stair runner roads with stair width. On the store, we will find many types of this appliance. Make sure that this appliance has proper size with our stair. If this appliance is shorter, it will disturb people when walking on this stair, while if this appliance is longer, it will not able to be installed perfectly and if we cut it to make fit, it will be looked bad.

Stair Runner Carpet

Third tip is adapting with carpet thickness. Some carpets on stairs are coated with padding to make it felt softer. Carpet with and without padding will need different stair runner rods specification. When buying this appliance on the store, it’s better to measure its carpet thickness and match it with stair runner rods there. Too loose stair runner rods will make carper is not installed strongly, while too tight stair runner rods, will make difficult when installing screws.

Stair Carpet Runner Rods

Fourth tips is choosing high quality stair runner rods. It has to be durable on using and its appearance. It has to be made from high quality metal and coated well. Make sure this appliance will not easy to be rusty. Because it can damage carpet and looked bad.

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