Tips To Choose The Right House Trailer Floor Plans

House trailer is simply little house. The right house trailer floor plans will make this house become comfortable. But, the wrong floor plan can make us dizzy and disturb all of activities. So, is there right way to select the right floor plan for this house type. Of course, yes. Principle to design the right floor plan can work well for every types of house. Now we will use five elements of floor plan design. These elements are area zoning, room proportion, room relationship, communication and furniture size. Now we have three samples of house trailer floor plans. Let’s discuss it.

House Trailer Floor Plans

Look at the first house trailer floor plans sample. This floor plan has good area zoning on left side and right side. Two bedroom on left side and one master bedroom on right side are completed with bathroom near it. And from these bedroom are easy to reach dining room and kitchen. These floor plan has good room proportion, relationship and communication. It’s looked well planned. Then to decorate it, it has to select proper furniture and appliances size.

Double Wide Trailer Floor Plans

On the second house trailer floor plans sample, it’s looked that this floor plan has good area zoning. On the right side, master bedroom is incorporated with bathroom to make efficient when persons here wil go to bathroom. While on left side, two bedrooms are completed with outside bathroom. But, maybe this bathroom is better if located between these bedrooms, so bathroom will not in opposite position with living room. Besides that, this living room seems own big size. It’s better if this size is reduced to make bigger bedroom.

Double Wide Homes Floor Plans

On third floor plan sample, we see that this floor plan has good area zoning. There is bathroom inside master bedroom and outside bathroom for other two bedrooms. While kitchen and dining room are on the same area. It’s good. To make better this floor plan, put room divider between kitchen and living room. And if possible, position kitchen and dining room is exchanged, so when homeowners are dining on this room, it will disturb their guest.

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