Tips To Choose The Right Exterior House Paint Color

A home will not beautiful until this home is painted with the right color. Both inside and outside home need high quality paint, especially for exterior home. This paint must able withstand from weather changing and moisture factor. Before we choose exterior house paint color combinations to beautify a home, there are several criteria we should know. This paint has two function: protecting and beautifying home. To protect home, this paint must have specification: durable for long time, resistance from mildew and ultra violet radiation, not easy to fade and eco friendly.

Exterior House Paint Color Combinations

Every superior paint type is always durable and not easy to fade. But it must also withstand from mildew growth. Weather changing potentially grow mildew. As response for back to nature lifestyle, this paint must be eco friendly environment. These are first factor must be owned by good paint. Second factor is how to choose the right exterior house paint color combinations. If this home is small, maybe one color is enough, but if this home is big, one color will be monotonous. Mix more than one color will be good solution.

Exterior Home Paint Color

Simple way to explore idea to choose good exterior house paint color combinations are by reading home interior magazine. Find out a home with beautiful color combination there. Then compared with our home. It will be match or not. It will be fit or not. Or looking around in our environment. Looking at on some beautiful homes, maybe there are good ideas we will get there. Other alternative is using color choosing software. Here we can set primary color then complement color variations can be generated.

Exterior House Paint Color Schemes

Before applying these color choosing, it’s better to consider neighbor home color and garden appearance. It’s better if we paint our home with color hat not significantly contrast with neighbor home color. This color must be able harmonized with garden appearance.

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