Tips To Choose The Right Color For Kids Room

There is tight relationship between color and emotion. A color can represent a certain emotion condition. But a color can also influence people emotion condition. So, it’s better if we understand concept of color before choosing it. Usually color for kids room are in light and soft. Don’t use dark color for their bedroom. Whatever chose color will be color theme for this bedroom. Then all of furniture and appliances are decorated in this color theme. All variations pictures will not out from this color restriction.

Color For Kids Room

Before choosing color for kids room, here are color meaning lists we should know first.

Red represent confident, vitality, passion, excitement, energy, desire

Pink represent love, tranquility, beauty, romantic

Brown represent nature, relaxing, earth, confident, conventional, endurance

Orange  represent enthusiasm, creativity, cheerfulness, vitality

Gold represent prosperity, wealth, wisdom

Yellow represent happiness, joy, energy, intellect, overwhelm, optimism

Green represent nature, life, well being, relaxation, environment, harmony, freshness

Blue represent peace, youth, coldness, stability, honest

Purple represent mystery, loyalty, elegance, luxury

White represent clean, simplicity, innocence, snow

Black represent stability, power, death, night

Gray represent maturity, security, intelligence, conservatism

Color Scheme Kids Room

Above color meaning lists can be good guidance when we will decorate kids bedroom. We can select the right color for kids room. For example, for boys bedroom, we can choose blue, green and orange. Light color is better than dark color. These colors are match for boys characters. And for girls bedroom, pink and purple are the right colors for them.

Color Kids Bedroom

Once a certain color is determined then we can choose secondary color or complement color for this primary color. This secondary color can complete this primary color. This primary and secondary color then applied on bed box, bedding, blanket, pillow, photo and painting frame, doll, toys, wardrobe, table, cabinet, cap of lamp, rig, carpet, wall paint and everything on bedroom. This color choosing can be combined with certain theme, such as cartoon, jungle and sea.

This is being categorized within color kids bedroom subject also color scheme kids room matter and color for kids room subject as well as color and emotion subject and girls bedroom subject .

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