Tips To Choose Single Box Bed Designs For Kids

There are many types and sizes of bed on the store. What will be bought is depended several factors. For example, this bed is for one or two persons, bedroom size and so on. Single box bed is one of that types. A bedroom can be fulfill with one single box bed or more than one single box beds. For example, young couple with one kid will buy one single box bed for their kid. If there are two kids on that bedroom, they can buy two single box beds. If we want to choose single box bed designs for kids bedroom, here are few tips to do it.

Single Box Bed Designs

First tip is choosing single box bed designs that can run more than on duties. On the same area, this single box bed type can save place. Single box bed with rack or drawer is good choice. Why? Because kids like playing toys, doll and so on. These racks can be used as storage place to store their favorite stuffs. It’s like having two furniture function on single furniture. Besides that, putting this bed type will not need extra space.

Single Box Bed Design Ideas

Second tips is choosing single box bed designs that have bright color. For kids, light color is better than dark color. There is relationship strong between color and mood. Light and bright color will create positive mood, thinking and attitude for kids. For boys, the right colors are blue, green and orange. While for girls, the right colors are pink and purple. Dark color like brown can still be acceptable, because this color make feel shady.

Single Box Bed Design Pictures

Third tip is choosing single box bed that is completed with quilted headboard. So, if this kid like reading book or magazine, they can put their back and head into this headboard. Some single box beds are completed with headboard and other types are not completed with this headboard. Choose with headboard.

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