Tips To Care Indoor Fruit Trees

Gardening now experience very fast development. All available space in a home can be used for gardening, such as garden on roof and indoor gardening. Plant some fruits on indoor now become popular. There are many benefits we can get from this activity, even it’s less budget. Some fruits such as meyer lemon, key lime, dwarf orange, tangerine, pomegranate, citrus, grapefruit, dwarf banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, apricot, mulberry, cape gooseberries, fig and strawberry can be planted on indoor easily. These indoor fruit trees can be found on the store if we are interested to make fruit garden on indoor.

Indoor Fruit Trees

There are many benefits of indoor fruit trees activity that make this gardening type is liked most people. We will give sample for citrus tree gardening benefit on indoor. Here they are:

Even though almost indoor fruit trees are in dwarf shape, but all of their fruits are in full size such as normal fruit shape. Don’t worry about shape. If we grow citrus on indoor, this citrus will grow big as other citrus on outdoor gardening.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

This citrus create freshness atmosphere in our home. It’s such as we have fragrance source in our home. Besides that to plant this tree will spend less budget. We can get this tree on price $20-$40. This tree will not use more space for growing. Their height will be 3-4 feet height. Similar with other indoor fruit trees, citrus is also less maintenance. It can also be grown on outdoor if someday we will move it to garden. Other advantage of citrus as indoor fruit tree is this tree is disease resistant and also it has seedless.

Small Indoor Fruit Trees

To take care this tree is not difficult. Here several things we should know:

This tree must be watered and given fertilizer regularly. Multipurpose fertilizer can be used for this tree. We can buy on the store. Besides that, we have plan to add soil into this tree container or pot, don’t give soil from garden. But give it soil mixture. We can buy this soil mixture on the garden store.

Other things we should know. This tree love humidity. When humidity environment is decrease, we can increase it by humidifier. It can increase moisture level. And to get warm, we can temporary move this tree into patio or veranda.

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