Tips To Build Your Own Small House

However building our own home is cheaper than buy house. If we buy house, this price has been marked up from its building cost. This mark up for their profit. But, if we build it, we are not necessary to mark up all of costs. Build your own small house has several advantages. Besides it can reduce cost, it will give us worthy experience how to build it and give us opportunity to build other house people with some payment.  It’s good, isn’t it? Once we can do it, then we will not difficulty to do again.

Build Your Own Small House

First step to build your own small house is designing house floor plan and home exterior. The easy way is by modified existing floor plan. It can be found anywhere: book, magazine and internet. Other way is by buying ready made design floor plan. If necessary we can asking them to modify. If we want to get worthy experience, do it yourself. There are many home design software on internet. There are many freeware application that we can use.

How To build A Small House

Second step to build your own small house is calculating budget, if this floor plan is gotten from book, magazine or internet. We must calculate all of cost to build it. Because what we get here is only picture, so we still need to determine all of needed materials to build it. But if we buy ready made design, sometime this budget estimation is included. So, what we do next is modifying this budget. Reduce it cost by changing expensive element with cheaper elements.

Build Your Own Prefab House

Last step to build your own small house is hire building consultant to help us to inspect its house building process. It’s to make sure that everything will run well without problem. Other way to save money is by recruiting experience builders. These people will not need a lot of explanation and instruction. By only seeing house design picture, they have known what they should do.

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