Tips To Build Indoor Dream Pool

A dream house without pool is not complete. A pool on a house is not only for swimming. It’s so reflect high class lifestyle and show social status of homeowner. There are several ideas to build dream house with pool. A pool can be built on indoor and outdoor. Here we talk about indoor pool, even though several ideas here can be applied on outdoor pool. Here we focus on roof. These roof can be made from glass, polycarbonate, concrete and wood.  These materials have different advantage and weakness.

Dream House With Pool

Dream house with pool with roof from glass will be looked stylish and luxurious. This glass can pass un light. If we like to change skin color, lying here on outdoor furniture after swimming will bring sensation like lying on the beach. Besides that, swimming on the morning will feel warm sun light. Sun light on the morning is good for healthy. An on afternoon, swimming here while enjoy orange color sky before sunset is very interesting. The weakness of this material, it must be cleaned every time on top side from dirt, dust, leaf and so onto keep its beauty appearance. Glass as roof now has various color.

Pool House Design

Next roof for this dream house with pool is polycarbonate. It has similar function with glass, but it less clear and cheaper. Besides that, installing polycarbonate is easier than glass. If glass is easy to be broken, this polycarbonate is more withstand from breaking possibility.

Big House With Pool

Indoor pool with concrete roof will make people feel like swimming on closed area. Concrete roof is more durable and stronger than glass and polycarbonate. It has stronger construction. It’s good if combined with ceiling lamps. Good lighting will complete this roof. Modern ceiling lamp can be chosen.

Last idea for bringing rustic atmosphere is by installing wood as roof. Besides that, this roof from wood is also creating eco friendly environment and shady area.

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