Tips To Build Home For Small Family

For young couple or small family, small home is fit for them. Small home with simple floor plan can be built on with loft or without loft. If this land has small dimension, building small home plans with loft can be considered. If this small family has one two kids, home floor plan with one master bedroom on first floor and one bedroom on second floor can be developed. Two kids on one bedroom, by placing two beds or one big bed. Bathroom can be built inside or outside bedroom. Discuss to kids first about it. Other  room on loft can be used as storage place.

Small Home Plans With Loft

One master bedroom on first floor has dimension bigger than bedroom for kids on second floor. Here, usually bathroom is built inside this bedroom. Other room that can be considered on first floor is laundry room. Every small home plans with loft need stairway. This stairway can be built near kitchen or other place depended on where this loft position will be built.

Small Home Plans And Designs

The advantage of small home plans with loft is saving space. On the same land area, small home plans with loft has rooms more than small home plans without loft. Loft is solution for limited space but need more room. To build home with loft, we must give attention on construction strength. Home with loft hold load heavier than home without loft. Stronger foundation and home building structure must be prepared well.

House Plans Loft Style

When designing this small home plans with loft, don’t forget to make plan to store anything. This storage places can be put anywhere. It’s important to keep this home to be looked tidy and clean. Besides that when painting this home, prioritize to choose light color. Light color is fit for small home. It makes brighter this home. Dark is not good for small home.

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