Tips To Build Cheap House

Buy ready made tiny house will spend more than twice budget than building it by our self. So, if we want to save money, and we want to get cheap tiny house, don’t buy ready made tiny house. Just buy tiny house plan then try to build it. Before building it, read carefully all of explanation and instruction there until we feel really understand what we must do. Don’t build it before we really know, because if there are some mistakes on building process, maybe it will spend more money anymore to repair it. It will not save money anymore if it happens.

Cheap Tiny House

If we can do it without mistake by following all of instruction on tiny house plan, we will really get cheap tiny house. We can make it cheaper again with several ways. First, look at all of needed tiny house materials and second, look at tiny house appliances. Read and learn it. Identify where materials and appliances that can be change with other similar type. On commonly house building, this way is often happened. It doesn’t matter as long as we do it carefully. If we don’t sure, we can ask experience builders to get advise.

Cheap Tiny House Plans

All of materials and appliances can be changed with other type, as long as it will not disturb its function. There are two elements on furniture and appliances, these are its function and aesthetic. Function is more important than aesthetic. Maybe these products are designed very beautiful, but it will not be problem if we change it with other products as long as it can run its function same with first product. Usually this changing consideration is to save money. On tiny house case, it means to create cheap tiny house with same functions, but with a little different look.

Tiny Homes On Wheels

Some branded furniture and appliances can be changed with non branded products. Make sure first that these non branded products have good quality, durable and lower price. Here there is restriction to do this way. Give attention on its tiny house structures, such as wall framing. Don’t change anything on structure factor if we don’t know much about house building structure.

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