Tips To Beautify Tiny Portable Homes With Free Cost

Having tiny portable homes give several functions. When we feel bored with daily situation, we can bring it anywhere. This tiny home can be attracted by car. Visit place where we like then stay on there for several times. It gives us new atmosphere and can refresh our condition. Besides that by having this tiny home, we can fulfilled holiday time by traveling into other new place. But ordinary appearance of this tiny home can make us feel bored. So, this tiny home need to be decorated. There are several ideas to make over it with free cost or at least just spending a little of budget.

Tiny Portable Homes

First idea is changing this tiny portable homes furniture. Maybe we have small sofa or furniture set that can be placed here. Replace old tiny home furniture by other furniture. It’s simple way to be done. Second idea is installing family photo on tiny home wall. Several kids photos can be chosen. When we are traveling anywhere these photos can remind us about these funny kids. Third idea is installing wall clock. Wall clock is useful appliances on trip. Besides that, on this wall can also be installed electric lamp. LED lamp can create exciting atmosphere.

Tiny Mobile Homes

Fourth idea to decorate tiny portable homes is installing rug or carpet on tiny portable homes floor. Rug or carpet with different color will bring new appearance. These rug or carpet must be cleaned every time, because it tends to catch dirt and dust.

Small Mobile Homes

Last idea is decorating this tiny home window with curtain. Maybe there are old curtain that we can still use it. Measure this tiny home window size, then adapt curtain size with this window. If necessary this curtain must be cut to be fit with this window size. Additionally tip is by repainting this tiny home wall if on our home there’s residual paint.

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Published on September 9, 2012
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