Tips To Beautify Shower

Shower is important element on bathroom. Good idea to decorate this appliance. This appliance can be decorated with clear fiberglass, colored fiberglass or oversized shower curtain. Fiberglass shower unit with clear fiberglass has advantage to give double view on bathroom. Besides inside view on shower area, through this clear fiberglass, people can see bathroom view outside fiberglass. Clear fiberglass shower unit is good choice than colored fiberglass if this bathroom has small dimension.

Fiberglass Shower Unit

Colored fiberglass shower unit comes in many color choices. If we like installing fiberglass shower unit, pick the right color that we like. Bathroom with colored fiberglass shower is more attractive and it has privacy for people than clear fiberglass, but it’s tend to only has one view inside this shower. This color can have many functions. Besides for decorating bathroom and give additionally privacy, it can create certain atmosphere depended on what color is chosen. There’s relationship between color and mood. If we want to feel relax, calm and less stress, try to install blue fiberglass shower. If we want to feel exciting, red is good choice. If we want to return condition from tired, green is great choice. This effect can be stronger by installing the right lamp.

Fiberglass Corner Shower Unit

Besides installing fiberglass shower unit, installing oversized shower curtain is great way to decorate shower. This is the cheaper and simplest way. Other advantages of this material is it’s easy to be replace and changed with new one. So, it’s possible to create new look whenever we feel bored. Besides that, on the store there are many style, design, color and theme choices for this shower curtain.

Fiberglass Shower Enclosure

Fiberglass shower can be cleaned with vinegar, alcohol and cleaner. Shower curtain can be cleaned with water, soap and cleaner. It’s better to clean it regularly. Besides installing this fiberglass shower or shower curtain, this shower can be beautified again by painting bathtub. Use brush paint to do it. Choose favorite color and paint it. Wall decal can be added to decorate this bathtub.

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