Tips To Beautify Bathroom With Exotic Flower

This is tips to decorate bathroom with floral theme, but this is not ordinary floral theme. These flowers are special. These are exotic flowers. These are poppy, purple rose, purple lotus, black orchid, pink amaryllis, calla lily, oriental lily, red anthuriums, birds of paradise, purple lilacs, white gardenia and tulip. Some of them are not easy to be gotten. We are not necessary to use all of these flowers. Select one of them that we like and then create bathroom flower arrangements. Put it on glass vase above bathroom vanity or near bathtub and shower. Other good idea is changing its flower type regularly every day. It will create new atmosphere every day.

Bathroom Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are only used for bathroom flower arrangements on glass vase. If changing it every day is impossible, it doesn’t matter if it’s changed every two or three days. To make fresh for longer time, pour water into glass vase. Several rare flowers such as purple rose and black orchid are extremely amazing to create exotic atmosphere.

Bathroom Flower Arrangement Ideas

Besides these fresh bathroom flower arrangements on glass vase, wall, ceramic and shower curtain are also decorated with these exotic flower theme. Printing picture of exotic flower pictures with modern frame are good to be installed. Select flowers with striking color to excite people when take a bath on bathroom. Ceramic and shower curtain with exotic flower ornaments can be added. It doesn’t matter to install vinyl floor tile. Vinyl with flower ornament is looked exotic.

Bathroom Flower Arrangement Pictures

To complete its exotic impression, this bathroom wall can be painted with pink, purple or red colors. And don’t forget to prepare room fragrance. Room fragrance with exotic character will really excite people here. All of bathroom furniture and appliances such as bathroom vanity, mirror, bathtub and toilet are chosen with these colors. Additionally stuff to create exotic atmosphere is candle. Candle with red or purple colors are very good.

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