Tips For Installing Landscape Lighting

No matter how beautiful its garden, it will not complete before installing landscape lighting. All of great gardens have good lighting. Sun light is lighting for day, but lamp is lighting for night. With the right lamp, garden can be beautiful view on the night. If we want to create great landscape lighting, here there are five things we should consider first. These are dimension, spotlight, specification, cable installation and focal point. Starting from dimension. It’s important to measure dimension of garden first, width and length. It’s for determining number and wattage lamps that we need. Larger garden need more lamps and higher wattage.

Installing Landscape Lighting

Second thing on installing landscape lighting is spotlight. Spotlight is lamp with strong lighting. It’s useful for landscape. Usually spotlight has white or yellow color. Spotlight can be installed on several positions. Make sure this spotlight direction is not into our eyes or neighbor eyes. It can hurt eyes. Usually spotlight is directed into corner or dark part of garden.

Installing Landscape Lighting Low Voltage

Third thing on installing landscape lighting is specification. Each lamp has different specification. Read first before buying. Specification for indoor and outdoor is different. Fourth thing is cable installation. It’s important to pay attention on this factor. The wrong installation can destroy garden beauty. It’s better to build underground installation. This cable can be entered into plastic pipe. Be careful to put electrical switch. Make sure kids cannot reach it.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

The last thing is focal point. If we have special things on garden, such as beautiful flower, garden waterfall, koi fish pond or swimming pool, it can be focal point. Pay attention on it. Think away to show it on night as a special thing on garden. For these focal points, it can be given with special lamp. Several lamps is better than one lamp. For example if we want to make flower plants or swimming pool as focal points, several lamps on several positions with smaller wattage are better than one lamp with higher wattage.

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