Tips For Building A Tiki Bar

There are four stuffs must be considered when we will build a tiki bar. These stuffs are ornaments, lamp, bamboo and thatch. Starting from ornament. Some tiki bars are decorated with totem. It’s traditional ornament, such as from Hawaiian. If we have art talent, we can create by our self. Soft wood can be carved to form unique totem. Second stuff is lamp. Actually a tiki bar is lamp free. It’s lighted by sun. But, nowadays people like building a tiki bar in indoor. This is different situation. It needs lamp. Artistic lamp such as paper lampion is good for tiki bar. We can explore many lampion ideas.

Building A Tiki Bar

Third stuff is bamboo. Bamboo is traditional tiki bar material. Building a tiki bar from bamboo can be done fast. Thismaterial is easy to be cut and corporate with other material. Bamboo can be found every where. But now people tend to build a tiki bar with wood. Both bamboo and wood are good to be used. Fourth stuff is thatch. Similar with bamboo, thatch is traditional material to build tiki bar roof. It’s for preventing from rain water.

Building Outdoor Tiki Bar

Building a tiki bar without decorate it is not complete. For example if we want to decorate an island tiki bar, there are several elements we should know. These are cocktail, cup, seating, theme and music. Some favorite cocktails such as margarita, pina colada and rum punch are good choice. It can be completed with beer, such as red stripe and corona.

Building A Tiki Bar Roof

There are unique drinking habit on tiki bar. It has been tradition. We can add tropical flower into glass or cup. It can make drinking event is more special. A good tiki bar must be completed with good seating. Chair from wood in traditional style is common chair for tikibar.

To decorate this tiki bar, there are several options. These are South Pacific, Caribbean, hula and surfing theme. If we like Caribbean theme, we can create such as Caribbean party with pirate, parrot, banana, balloon and other stuffs as decoration elements. To make this tiki bar become more interesting, it can played reggae, jazz and other exotic music.

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