Small Garden Centerpiece Idea to Intriguing People

Home decoration is not only about our interior house, but also exterior house decoration. About exterior house decoration, people love to create a lawn and make a garden there. If we have smaller lawn than the other people have, we have to be smarter than them about decorating our lawn and garden and make it beautiful to impress our guests and everyone who pass our house. I find several inspirations about small garden lawn centerpiece idea we can apply in our small garden and make it looks more beautiful.Small Garden Lawn Centerpiece Idea Photo

First small garden lawn centerpiece idea is the utilizing of statue as centerpiece. But before you place one or more statue in your lawn as garden centerpiece, you need to measure the land you have so you can decide how many statue you can place in your lawn perfectly. Why should you do this? It is because if you place big sized statue or too many statues in your small garden lawn as a centerpiece, it won’t make your small garden looks neat but it just makes your small garden looks crowded, full, and in-intriguing.Small Garden Lawn Centerpiece Idea Pic

Next small garden lawn centerpiece idea is about beauty of colorful flowers. Lawn has green color that will make your yard looks fresh and natural. But if we look at the green lawn everyday without any interesting centerpiece, we will be bored. So we need to add some colors in your lawn as the centerpiece. So many flowers in beautiful colors are available and you can choose one of them then plant it in the center of your lawn. Red roses, sun flower, and tulip will color your green lawn nicely.Small Garden Lawn Centerpiece Idea

To consolidate the freshness of your green lawn, you can build a small fish pond, that’s the last small garden lawn centerpiece idea. Build the small fish pond in the center of your lawn with decorative stones and build a small waterfall to make it looks more attractive. Or you can build a small path in the center of your lawn that’s cleaves your lawn becomes two parts. No matter what’s your choice of your small garden lawn centerpiece, you better make sure that’s the portion is enough (not too big or too small), and it makes your lawn looks nice, not mess.

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Published on February 8, 2013
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