Living Room Paint Ideas and Theirs Impressions

Living room or sitting room is a room that’s located in front as a room to welcome people. In a living room, people will sit and notice our house. The wall paint of living room will influence their mood while they are inside our living room. Some colors make them feel cozy, some others make them feel warm, and another one make them feel chilly and fresh. Which one of those impressions you will give to your guests? All of them are accord with the living room paint ideas you choose.Living Room Paint Ideas

The first impression I said above is cozy feeling. How can you give that feeling to your guests? Living room paint ideas brown schemes are the answer. Chocolate brown, light brown, dark brown, and tan are the come color schemes of brown you can use to make your living room felt cozy. You can paint your living room’s walls using one or more brown color schemes. Then you can place some furniture with same brown color schemes inside your living room.Living Room Paint Ideas Grey

Warmth of your living room presents from the living room paint ideas grey. Grey itself divided in to charcoal grey, light grey, and dark grey. You can use one or more grey color schemes you like for your living room’s walls. The best color for living room furniture that’s matches with grey color is white and black. That color combination between the walls and the furniture will create maximal warmth of your living room.Living Room Paint Ideas Blue

And the last of living room paint ideas is about chilly color for living room, it is blue color schemes. Blue will always be the freshest color that symbolize the water and sky. Applying blue in the walls of living room and another color for the furniture will make your living room felt chilly but modern. Which one will you use for your living room’s walls?

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Published on January 18, 2013
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