Get Wise Characteristic with Sage Wall Color

 Color is a part of our life. Wherever we go we always find such colors. I am sure it is make us like one color of them. Yes favorite color also makes us show out identity. But be careful to apply any color around us, on the home, also your bedroom. Like I talked before, your identity or more correctly your personality looked from colors you choose to apply around you. Yes some colors makes you looked childish, other else makes you seen mature, and many more. There is any good color will make you looked on good personality. Do you interest it? That color is sage. Therefore I recommend you to apply your wall with sage wall color which makes you looked wise.Sage Wall Color

I have prepared at least three pictures as some inspiration for you. The first one you can look at picture above. Like you see there, sage wall color bring calm condition and not too excessive. Yes sage color often related to wise characteristic. To apply sage color on the wall you can compare with brown color for the floor or you can make it natural with wood pattern. Is good to allow the light less, but if you feel haven’t enthusiasm, you need to add some extra light or keep window open.Sage Wall Color Picture

Sage color is not always makes your room dull. You can imitate second picture to do that. Light enough with such rattan table set model can support that. If you prefer modern design, some sofas work well here. Try to put some plant on that room to make room more natural.Sage Wall Color Photo

Not just on the living room, bedroom, or other front room you can apply sage wall color. It is also good to apply on your bed room. Make your room natural with sage color and several plants makes you feel bath on such river. The best benefit you get if you choose sage color is it brings quite condition, so helpful for decrease when you stress.

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Published on December 4, 2012
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