Exploiting Spaces of Homes with Two Staircases

Having a house with more than one floor make us feel freer but also make us busier. Why? We will feel freer because we have extra spaces that we can use to build much more rooms and we can do many activities freely. But we will also busier because we will need extra times and energies to clean and organize our big house. It is not easy to organize and arrange a big house, especially if the house has two floors and also two staircases. But I will share some ideas about organizing homes with two staircases.

Many people love to have big homes with two staircases in front the front door so they can show the elegance and luxury of their house. But, what can we do to make the homes with two staircases looks more and more interesting? The first idea is about exploiting the space between both of the staircases. We can exploit the space there and use it as living room. Yes, place some sofas with interesting center table will make our living room between two staircases looks so attractive.House Plans with Two Staircases

But if the space between two staircases of your homes with two staircases is too small, you can place to long sofas in the left and right sides and let the center free and use it as the path. Then you can decorate it by placing a simple flower arrangement in the coffee table in the corner of the space. Do not place too much furniture with big size because it will make the small space looks tighter and not interesting.Floor Plans with Two Staircases

We have talk about the space ‘between’ two staircases, then how about the space under the staircases? It is so superfluous if we let it empty, we have to outsmart it and make it becomes useful place, but how? The last idea of organizing homes with two staircases is using the space under the staircases as bathroom or storage area. If your guests need to use the bathroom and you don’t want to let them inserting your private bathroom, the under staircases bathroom will be useful.

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Published on December 3, 2012
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