Drawing Room False Ceiling Designs — Three Options

What’s your opinion about decorating your interior home? Is it a hard task to do? Or is it a fun activity? I choose the second opinion. Actually, decorating a home is not difficult at all, we just need to increase our creativity and detach all imagination from our mind. There are many decorations available and our job is just choosing them accord with our desire then uses them to beautify our interior home. Let us talk about an interior decoration that’s looks hard to do, ceiling decoration.Drawing Room False Ceiling Designs

Ceiling should be decorated perfectly especially if that ceiling is located over the living room / drawing room. Let’s try to use drawing room false ceiling designs for our living room. Drawing room false ceiling designs are available in some types. First, is about the shape of that ceiling. To make our drawing room looks artistic, we need to design everything there with unique design, including the ceiling. We can install decorative ceiling or wave shaped ceiling in our drawing room, it is the simplest way we can try.False Ceiling Designs for Drawing Room

Is it too simple for you? Then you can try the second of drawing room false ceiling designs, that’s decorating drawing room’s ceiling with decorative lamps. Decorative lamps I meant are divided into three types, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, and hanging lamps. All of those three lamps have their own special characteristics. Led lamps are good for small drawing room with limited space. Fluorescent is good to be installed in the edges of unique shaped ceiling. And hanging lamp is the best for wide and luxurious drawing room.Modern Living Room False Ceiling Designs

Last idea of drawing room false ceiling designs is about painting in drawing room’s ceiling. Many people love to patch wallpaper or wall mural in drawing room’s walls. We can also patch a great painting in our drawing room then place a cozy sofa or ottoman in that drawing room to let the guests enjoy the painting while lying down in sofa. Can you decide which one you will apply?

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Published on January 28, 2013
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