Double Height Living Room Interior and Decoration Ideas

Some people decide to build a small home for their small family. The others build big home with their much money. Which one are you? If you love to build a big home, you will get some benefits like wider rooms, extra spaces, and extra comfort. But you will also need much more ideas to get better decoration for each room. Usually, some big homes have big or wide living room. And there are also some homes with double height living room. Is your big home has double height living room too? Here I have some double height living room interior ideas for you.Double Height Living Room Interior

Best double height living room interior idea is install a decorative hanging lamp in the center of the living room double height ceiling. The long decorative hanging lamp will brightening your living room and also decorates it perfectly. There are many designs of decorative hanging lamp available, choose them accord with the length of the living room’s ceiling and accord with the theme of your living room. You can also install one or more ventilators around the decorative hanging lamp.Double Height Living Room Designs

Another double height living room interior idea is build a permanent house chimney in the center or in the edge of the living room. House chimney will warm your living room and anybody who stay there. House chimney is also a good decoration for home with double height living room, the house chimney allows your guests to feel cozy and relax while they are sitting and gathering in your living room.Double Height Living Room Photos

Last double height living room interior idea is about the views. If it is possible, you can use glasses as the walls of your double height living room interior. The glasses enable you and your guests to enjoy the views outside, enjoy the rain, and enjoy the warmth of sun shine. But if you have nothing good outside, you can hang some painting in the walls of the double height living room interior. Now, try to apply the ideas above and see the result in your living room.

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Published on January 11, 2013
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