Creating Living Room Open Kitchen in Small House

Small house has some benefits and loses, if you are an owner of small house, you better anticipate your small house by preparing some ideas about decorating your interior house. Outsmart your small house by merge some rooms or separate the rooms using curtains or shelves. For example, living room open kitchen is a good idea for small house with limited space. Find some great ideas about living room open kitchen for small house here.Open Living Room and Kitchen Colors

Utilizing of cool natural colors in your living room open kitchen will be great. If you have a small kitchen with dining and living room in a space, you can make them looks blend perfectly by using a nature-inspired color scheme. For example, dark brown color for your living area, light brown for the dining and for your small kitchen use creamy color. You can use the other colors but make sure that all of the colors you choose are in same scheme to make your kitchen, dining, and living looks harmony and unite.Living Room Open Kitchen

Then, to separate your living room open kitchen, you can use a big cozy sofa in the center between the living area with the kitchen. Big cozy sofa that’s facing on the living room area enables your guests and family to stay at living room and be focused with the living room because they can’t see the kitchen. To interest people’s attention to the living room, you better place a unique and intriguing centerpiece in your living room and also place some wall decorations.Small Living Room Open Kitchen

Keep clean your living room open kitchen to impress your guests and make them awing your great living room open kitchen. Don’t place any gaudy in your kitchen so people won’t observe your kitchen and be focused on it. This living room open kitchen also gives you a benefit, it is you are able to hold a party in your living room and let people see you cook and serve the meals.

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Published on February 8, 2013
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