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Tips To Decorate Kitchen With Victorian Style

Victorian house is old style house from UK. This house style was born on Queen Victoria era. Until now this architecture style can be withstand. Many people like it. If our house is not built with this Victorian architecture style, we still have adapt this style into our kitchen. Victorian style kitchens are kitchen that is inspired from Victorian style house. Here are few tips to decorate our kitchen with Victorian style.

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Tips To Decorate Kitchen With Cottage Style

Cottage is kind of dwelling house on rustic or rural region, except on Canada, cottage can also be found on the city. Living on cottage give people feeling comfortable, fresh and relax. Environment here is more quiet and less pollution. It’s so why there are many people who want to decorate their kitchen with cottage style. It has purpose to bring the living on the real cottage atmosphere into their kitchen. If we want to create cottage style kitchens, here are few tips to do it. First tip is choosing kitchen countertop with light color. Avoid to choose dark color for this appliance. Whatever the material that we use, just choose light color. Why? Because usually the real cottage kitchen is small, so light color is right choice.

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Tips To Decorate Dining Room With Beach Theme

Do you like everything about beach? Like playing water and sand there? Like to hear water sound? If you like it, we can decorate room with beach theme. Now, we will apply it on dining room. Why dining room? Well, decorate other room is ordinary, while dining room give interesting challenge. Here we can install beach dining room lights. Watching it will remind us night time on the beach. It will be special dining event. Commonly lamps for this purpose are hurricane lamp, wall sconces lamp and chandelier lamp.

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5 Elements On Modern Kitchen Designs

Four essential elements on modern kitchen designs are color, simple cabinet, modern kitchen appliances, modern kitchen countertop and fixtures. Colors that can bring modern atmosphere are white, black and grey. These colors are versatile. It can be combined easily with other colors. Black is looked store power inside. White bring clean character. While grey is conservative and intelligence. Black and white kitchen is unique and looked sophisticate. Be careful to combine color here. Try to not exceed more than three colors. More than that will make this kitchen is looked unplanned and create clutter look.

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7 Color Ideas To Create Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets

Now we will explore good colors to create beautiful kitchen cabinets on the kitchen. As we know there are hundreds color variations in the world. It can be done as reference to create wonderful kitchen cabinet. Now we will use white, black, green, red, orange, grey and yellow to paint kitchen cabinet. Lighter color version for small kitchen and darker color for big kitchen. Then kitchen interior has to be adapted with this kitchen cabinet color to get best result.

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Tips To Decorate Kitchen Bay Window

Decorating bay window on living room and kitchen is different. On living room is purely for beautifying this room. Luxurious curtain and valance can be installed here, but on kitchen, the main window treatment purpose is to support cooking activity. Window treatment for bay windows here is better using simple style curtain and valance. Curtain that can be move downward-upward or left-right is good. The advantage of curtain and valance here, besides for decorating, it can also give privacy and reduce sun light intensity. It’s better to choose easy cleaning material.

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Tips To Create Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black is everlasting color. It means power and mystery. Decorating kitchen with distressed black kitchen cabinets are the right way to create timeless beauty and rustic atmosphere for this kitchen. To make it by repaint all of kitchen cabinets become black, if previous color is not black. At first time remove all of stuffs above and inside these kitchen cabinets. Use screwdriver to remove all of hardware on these cabinets. It’s better to smooth all of surface with sandpaper to get best result painting. Bring all of these kitchen cabinets into drying and hot place to make faster drying after painting. Before it’s painted with black, it’s better to be given primer paint. After this primer paint is dry, then use roller or airbrush to paint with color black.

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4 Advantages Of Decorating With Stick On Wall Tiles

Decorating room with stick on wall tiles have many advantages. At least there are four advantages, these are fast decoration, easy installation, design variations and low budget. Stick on wall tiles are tiles that are installed on the wall. These tiles can be made from glass, ceramic, fiber and sticker. Besides for decorating a room, it also to protect wall from humidity and water to prevent from mildew growth. Usually it’s used on bathroom and kitchen. But it also can be used to decorate bedroom, specially for kids bedroom.

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Tips To Decorate Open Kitchen Floor Plans

Open kitchen floor plans are kitchen with open concept. This kitchen type is fit for small home. Here, wall between kitchen and other room beside it is eliminated. For example, if this kitchen room is near living room, so from living room, people can see inside kitchen and people from kitchen can see living room from here. This concept is developed to create larger impression for small room. There several ways to decorate this kitchen type. The only one guidance for us to decorate it is by seeing kitchen and other room is one unity. This key principle mat not be violated.

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Tips To Find Kitchen Floor Plans Idea

Looking at gallery kitchen floor plans is simple way to get kitchen floor plan idea. This gallery can be seen on book, magazine or website. There are a lot of information about this topic. Before selecting these kitchen floor plans, we must determine first some filters or criteria to select it. Without determining criteria first, we will feel confuse to choose which is good for our kitchen. First criteria is kitchen room dimension. No all of kitchen decorations will be fit with our real kitchen room. Measure first its dimension, length and width, the find kitchen floor plan that is close to this dimension.

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