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Tricks for Outsmarting Small Home Ideas

Having a home is a dream of all people in the entire of the world. When you are deciding to build a new family with your couple, you need to think your new home seriously because it is not too good to stay in your parent’s house with your husband or wife. The best home that is suitable for new newlywed is a small home. You just get married and you need a home that’s enough for you and your couple, so it is good to have a small home. Read more »

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3 Simple Principles To Decorate Small House

Whenever we will decorate small house, small room and small space, don’t ever forget about three essential things. These things are storage, furniture and color. All of decorations must be connected with these factors. No matter what style of room decoration, these three factors are always become crucial considerations. Three things run different functions. Storage has function to store many items to reduce clutter, stuffy and crowded look. Furniture run function adapting its type. Color will responsible on the making of bigger or smaller impression.

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5 Wood Tile Patterns Ideas For Lovely Home

Naturally people want to close to nature. Living in harmony with nature provide peaceful feeling. It is so why tiny house presence get good respond. Besides provide new experience living on tiny house and low budget, main material of this house is made from wood. For standard home, nature touching can be added by installing wood floor. Wood floor can work well for every home style. If we want looking for modern style, shiny wood floor provide this character, While for rustic and antique impression, the choice will fall to salvage wood fall. And now, wood tile patterns are available on many variations.

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6 Benefits Of Ceramic With Wood Style Design

Hardwood floor provide several benefits: strong, durable, eco friendly, modern lifestyle and shiny look. Hardwood floor will be looked amazing on room with white and neutral colors. Now we can find wood style tile. This is not hardwood or other wood flooring type. This is real ceramic. Yes, this ceramic is designed with appearance almost same with wood, both on color, pattern and texture. It combines good characters of wood floor and ceramic. It takes aesthetic look from wood and ceramic strength. Ultimate choice for flooring.

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Tips To Plan Simple House Design With Floor Plan Under 1500 Square Feet

Looking for simple house design with floor plan under 1500 square feet will be interesting challenge. Here, we are challenged to design and plan comfortable house with the right room planning on the limited space. Actually on the same space we can create so many configurations of room arrangement with various rooms amount and size. But, before doing it, we should know first what the criteria to make good layout. At least on the good floor plan, here there is separation between private place and public space. Besides that, we should also give attention on efficiency factor. What does it mean. Let’s see it on three floor plan examples below.

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3 Houses To Build Yourself Examples

However building a house by our self give many advantages. Besides we feel more satisfy, we can learn how a house is built step by step from beginning until the end. This is best way to learn and increase skill on house building. There are several way to do it. Here, at least there are three houses to build yourself examples that we can consider. These three options provide advantages and disadvantages. Recognize first all of these types before deciding which is best to be chosen. These three examples are prefab house kit, house kit and tiny house plan.

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5 Benefits Of Hand Built Homes

Dou want to own a house with unique design, low cost and eco friendly? If the answer is yes, so please try to create hand built homes by your hand. It can be your primary or secondary home. Developing home like this will be interesting challenge for us. From beginning until the end of building process, we create with our own creativity, knowledge and skill. So, what will we wait for? Home like this is good to be built on fresh area, such as on rustic or suburban region, where environment there is still relatively pure, fresh and less pollution. Great place for healthy living.

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Tips To Learn How To Build A Mini House For Beginner

Dou you want to know how a house is built? And do you want someday you can build your own house? Well, everything in this world can be learned. So, let’s start to learn. The best way to learn a house is built is learning to build a mini house first. Why? Because mini house is simpler than big house. Besides that this mini house is cheaper, less budget and smaller risk than other bigger house. After mastering how to build a mini house, then this principle can be useful knowledge and skill to learn other house type. Ok, let’s start.

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Tips To Plan Comfortable Small Cottage

Cottage is a small country dwelling. Most cottage use wood as main material to build it. Now you will plan to build a small cottage? Cottage usually is built under 1000 square feet. Usually a cottage has  bedroom up to 3 bedrooms. It can be built with one floor or two floors. Most cottage has classic architecture style if these cottages are built on rustic or suburb region. Usually a cottage is built as second home. It’s home for gathering family or fulfilling holiday time. Even though it’s build as second home, it’s important to build with the right plan because everybody want to fulfill their time in this house with pleasant atmosphere.

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Tips To Design Floor Plan For Very Small Houses

Living on very small houses become trend, because it offers new experiences and values for modern people. It has many advantages than other standard size house. Very small house can be found on tiny house, trailer house or other house types. Usually this house type has dimension under 500 square feet.  Tiny house floor plan is simpler than trailer house. Simpler on layout, bit it means more difficult to arrange and organize furniture and appliances if we want to put many furniture and appliances on this house type. Depended on what type that we will choose, if we want to make floor plan design or we want to buy these very small house, here are few tips to get the right floor plan.

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