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Modern Fireplace Ideas For Your Living Room

One of the most beautiful and nicest additions to a living room in any home is a fireplace. It’s an evergreen decorative item that can fit in a classic or a modern living room design. Fireplaces are a great way to keep your guests or family converged at one point together during the cold winter days — it’s the equivalent of a water cooler in an office. A place to relax and take a break, get warmed up and become pensive in the mesmerizing fire. It’s the centerpiece of every living room and yours should not go without it.

Modern living room with fireplace

Not only is fireplace a functional part of any living room decoration, but it can also be a beautiful one. There are many ways to install a fireplace and it will always fit perfectly whatever your decorative preferences are. Your biggest choice is to decide whether you want a gas fireplace or a wood one, and each one has its pros and cons. Gas fireplaces are common these days and somewhat safer to have, especially if you have kids around the house. The downside to gas fireplaces is that it can be more difficult to regulate heat from it meaning it will not really warm up your house much. It’s basically mostly a decorative item.

Wood fireplaces are typically more popular, even in modern homes. Wood is incredibly effective in warming up your living room and if you’re looking at a fireplace as a source of heat primarily then a wood one is definitely your best choice. Getting firewood may be a slight issue depending on where you live but if you have the chance to use a wood fireplace then I’d definitely recommend it. It’s much more effective if you want to stay warm and it looks more natural and beautiful for you and anyone else visiting your house. Also, nothing beats the crackling sound of logs burning up in your living room, as it’s one of the most calming and relaxing sounds often used for meditation.

Clean modern fireplace

Fireplaces are also often placed in master bedrooms or other areas of the house but in a majority of modern homes the fireplace is placed in the living room. You can also decorate it further or place your TV above it as it seems to be a popular decorative choice these days. Either way having a fireplace in your home is an amazing idea so if you’re looking for some inspiration you should take a look at the photos of best fireplaces we selected below.

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Living Room Curtain Ideas for Beautiful Living

Living room is the first place we find when we enter a house, in our living room our guests will stay and estimate our house and family. Due to living room has an important function, we need to make it looks great and intriguing. Decorating living room is not too difficult actually, we just need to place some interesting furniture or linen that will make our guests and especially our family feel comfort and they can enjoy their bustles in that living room. Read more »

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One Room House Design for Main Families

Many people decide to have one or two kids when they build a new family, how about you? The others also want to live with their couple only, without any kid. For people who decide to have no kids, one room house design is the best house design for them. One room house design is a house design with one only bedroom in minimalist style for small family who doesn’t need too many rooms. How can we decorate that kind of one room house? Here, watch some pictures and ideas about one room house design you may like. Read more »

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Purple in Ideas for Bedroom, Office, and Living

Purple is a type of color between violet and magenta, purple shows spiritual, magic, and mystic sides of our home; those impressions of purple are very useful to attract people’s attentions. The impressions of sensual, feminine, elegant, and warm will be felt every time you enter purple rooms. I have some purple in ideas for you who love purple and want to use purple color for your rooms. Read more »

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Purple Color Room Idea for Homes

Purple is a type of color between violet and magenta, purple shows spiritual, magic, and mystic sides of our home; those impressions of purple are very useful to attract people’s attentions. The impressions of sensual, feminine, elegant, and warm will be felt every time you enter purple rooms. I have some purple color room ideas for you who love purple and want to use purple color for your rooms. Read more »

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ABC Wall Nursery to Teach Your Kids

Decorating our own room is a fun activity, we can pick and place anything we love every where in our room and make the room looks fun for our self. But, we also have to decorate the other rooms inside our home, especially nursery room if we have kids. Before we decorate our nursery room, we have to think about what kind of decoration we can place there. Decoration for nursery room is important too because it influences our kids’ personalities. Read more »

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Family Wall Clocks in Unique Designs

Our home should be interesting and comfortable, especially if we have some kids and teenagers. Those guys are easily feel bored and when they feel so bored they will decide to get out and get some entertainments outside, and we know there is nothing safe there. It is easier to control and take care of our children if they are at home, right? So, let us try to decorate our home with many interesting things now. Read more »

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Small Living Room with Dark Furniture’s Tips

We need to use a room as a living room, as a place to welcome our guests, and a place to gather with friends too. Living room usually located in the front part of a home before the other rooms; it makes people can’t see all rooms of our home because they have to stay at the living room. To make our guests feel comfort, endure, and not bored to stay, we need to decorate our living room with furniture and decorations. What kind of decoration do you prefer for living room? Read more »

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Home with Italian Designer False Ceiling

Each room of our home is needs to be decorated. Decoration makes us feel comfort and endure when we want or have to stay there. Decoration will also influence our mood and feeling along the days. Ceiling decoration is very important in bedroom. You have a bed in bedroom and you can lie down there. When you lie down in your bed, you will see your bedroom’s ceiling and it will be so bored if there is no decoration there. In living room, ceiling decoration can be a great complement to impress your guests. Read more »

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Decorate Small Attic as Useful Rooms

Attic is small area over our home. People usually use it as warehouse, as a place to keep many things and a place that’s identical with dusts everywhere. Attic warehouse becomes an appalling area of a home and nobody will feel comfort to enter that room. It is better to exploit our attic as a room. What room we can place in attic? I have some ideas about decorate small attic room. Will you vacate a bit of your times to see them? I’ll be so grateful then. Read more »

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