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Tips To Maintain New Staircase

Staircase on a home is essential element to help people when they will go to loft or room above it. But now, staircase is not only for serving its main function. Good staircase is also increaser room beauty. It’s so why nowadays, people like to decorate their staircase in many ways, such as installing carpet runner, stair runner rods, lamp along staircase and so on. So, good staircase run more than functions. To keep its beauty, this cleanliness has to be kept every time. Staircase needs certain maintenance. This factor should be taught since when we make new staircase designs.

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Tips To Protect And Clean Hardwood Floor

Undoubtedly that hardwood floor is beautiful material to beautify floor. Floor will be looked shady and give warmth for room. But this beauty can be damaged by some possibilities. This surface can be scratched by dirt and its color can be faded by sun light directly. We must protect hardwood floors from dirt, furniture pressure, shoes and so on. This flooring tile can be kept its durability and beauty by several treatments. First treatment is cleaning it carefully. To clean it, we can use broom, mop and vacuum cleaner. If use broom, prepare a place to collect dust, dirt, residual food and so on then throw away these dirt.

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