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Tips To Create Café Atmosphere Into Basement

Can we feel café atmosphere in our home. Well, it’s interesting question. Ordinary drinking will be felt more special if we drink it on café, because atmosphere there is felt alive. There are live music, neon sign, big screen TV and so on. We can remodel basement with this café interior design, but of course we will select several features on café that we will choose.  Here we will not make stage for live music, because this basement is not for commercial purpose. Watching live music from karaoke is enough on this basement.

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Tips For Building A Wine Cellar

Wine is worthy drinking. It’s has more value than other drinking type. Wine can show person social status. Wine with hundreds years old can be sold in fantastic price. Don’t wonder if three bottle of old wine can be changed with one sport car Ferrari. If we like drinking wine or we run wine business, so building a wine cellar is important way to store this wine. It can be built on basement. There are four factors we should consider if we will build a wine cellar. These factors are rack construction, temperature, cleanliness, lamp and avoid certain material.

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Tips To Create Amazing Basement

Sometime a basement is only used as storage place. It’s such as warehouse underground. But actually there are many  cool basement ideas we can realize on this basement. Especially if this basement has large dimension, it will give us flexibility to make over this basement. If we like watching movie and listening music, this basement can be transformed become home theatre. Put TV table with rack in front of wall. Big TV screen is put here. Our DVD collections can be stored on this racks. If speaker on TV is less satisfaction, we can add stereo set. Then put sofa in front of this TV. A coffee table can be placed here. So, while we enjoy action movie or rock band concert, we enjoy hot coffee. It’s pleasant, isn’t it? This is the first idea.

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