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6 Ideas From Modern European Apartment Furniture

Apartment can be decorated in many ways. Decorating with modern European apartment furniture is one of the best way. Decorating with this way has many advantages. This apartment room will be looked comfortable, loose and bright. This room is looked tidy and no clutter on this apartment. Simple arrangement and organizing furniture is the key factor of decorating with modern European style. So, if we like with this style, what can we learn from it?

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Tips To Make Small Apartments Have Bigger Impression

Living on small apartment make people to be smart when they will decorate, arrange and organizing everything on its apartment. This building design cannot be changed anymore, so what can we do now is decorating it with smart way to create bigger impression. Make first good decoration design for small apartments. First task is throwing away everything that make clutter on this apartment or invest on storage place. Plastic storage place can be bought with cheap price. Or make cabinet with same color with wall. It will create illusion that these cabinets are disappear.

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Tips To Paint Small Apartment

Every room, no matter whether this is house or apartment has similar principle when we will decorate it. Principle to paint small house can be applied on small apartment, example for 40 square meters apartment. The main problem is this room is small and need to be made having more spacious impression. Including here is paint color choice, interior furniture choice, furniture arrangement and so on. But here, we will focus on paint color choice and how the best way to use it. The first regulation is avoiding dark color. Sometime having dark color is felt exotic, but it’s not fit for small room.

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5 Aspects To Select The Right Sofa For Apartment

One of mistake to decorate apartment room is by installing sofa for home on this apartment room. There’s different between sofa for home and for apartment. Sofa for home usually is bigger than sofa for apartment. Installing sofa for home here will spend more area and reduce free space that is used to create spacious impression on this room, specially for small apartment. Apartment sized sofa is the answer for this problem. This sofa is specially designed for apartment room. At least there are five things we should consider first to select the right apartment sofa.  These things are size, function, quality, price and style.

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Tips To Decorate Small Loft Apartment With White Color Theme

White in color meaning theory means clean, pure, goodness, light and innocence. It’s versatile color. Both small and big room are fit to use this color, specially for small room. Decorating a small loft apartment with white is great idea to keep this room is looked larger, clean and show other stuffs beauty on this room. It can be applied on wall, floor and furniture color. The right decorating with white color theme can make this small apartment become looked stylish and modern. Starting to paint wall, window frame, window, door and ceiling with white. Now, this room will looked more loose and clean. It can be complete again if this ceramic is also white.

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Tips To Decorate Small Apartment

If we live on apartment, getting small apartment decorating ideas are important, because most apartment come with small size. Similar with small house. But with simpler layout, it needs to create spacious impression. How to get comfortable and elegant atmosphere are the main task on decorating on small apartment. There are several tricks to do it. First tip is how to create spacious impression. When buying furniture, make sure these furniture have proper size with apartment room. Too big size furniture will spend more area. Try to arrange all of furniture in concise way to give more free space on room. Besides that, furniture with shorter height is good, because it can add space between this top side furniture and ceiling.

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