Build an Attractive Backyard Pool Bar by Your Self

Building a private pool behind your house sounds likes a good idea, right? If you have a wide enough backyard, you are allowed to build your own private pool. Then, it will be so great if you have a bar too there. But, how to design it? Don’t worrying this thing because I have some backyard pool bar ideas you can try to consider then apply if you like it. Check them one by one and watch the pictures so you can imagine them perfectly. Perhaps you will get a good idea too.Backyard Pool Bar

First idea about creating backyard pool bar is about the position of the bar. Before you build the swimming pool, you better design it first and also design the position of the bar. It is good to build the bar in the edge of a side of your swimming pool. But if you want to create the most unique one, you can build the bar in the center of the swimming pool. You can build it with the bridge design, and let the under of the bridge opened so you can swim from a side to another side of the bar from the under of the bridge.Backyard Pool Swim Up Bar

In a bar, there are some benches or seats that are used to sit by the customers. Don’t forget to place the seats or benches in your backyard pool bar. But, where? I am too lazy to get out of the pool just to sit around the bar, because I won’t be enthusiasm to come in to the pool again. So you can build some benches or seats under the water. Then without need to get out of the pool you can sit and enjoy the snacks or beverages in the pool.Backyard Swimming Pool Bar

What do you think? Will you build your own backyard pool bar behind your house? You can swim and refresh your mind in summer and organize a cocktail party all at once in your backyard pool bar.

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Published on December 21, 2012
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