Beauty of Green and Black Bedrooms

Green is a freshness color than other colors in this in entire world. This kind color is really great on much time. Yes, green is the best color to symbolize nature areas. So nature lover very like to apply this color on every part on their home, even their style. And black is the best masculine color. Maybe you confuse to combine this different two characteristic colors. Therefore we are here to give these set ideas; especially on the bedrooms. Are you willing to give us some green and black bedrooms for you?Green and Black Bedrooms

As you know that you can do nothing with black color. But much enough kind of green colors allow you to make some creativity. I will start with the best composite of these two colors which I love it so much. Apple green is available to make fresh bedroom. It is also bright enough color to combine with black. So your bedroom won’t be so dark to you. For appliance you can choose the wall until the ceiling to be colored green. Pillow case can be complement for this color. And the black can be applied on the blanket, curtains, and other accessories.Lime Green and Black Bedrooms

 Another green color is lime green and black bedrooms. This color is softer than first. So it is more compatible for you which dream calm and quiet atmosphere. Like first way, you can apply lime green around your bed. Then, put attribute black on remnant of your bedroom; especially on the blanket.Mint Green and Black Bedrooms

If you select mint green on your green and black bedrooms, it will be so bright and looks traditional. Therefore traditional arrangement is good idea for this kind of green. So you better choose flower pattern on the mint green wall, sofa, blanket, and the carpet. Where will you put black color? You can concern on the many furniture on the bedroom especially on the frame. Yes, frame of chair, bed, and the side tables. Other furniture is also available as your black selection.

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Published on January 3, 2013
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