9 Ideas To Decorate Glass Modern Console

If there’s residual area on a room, why don’t we put a glass modern console table there? Console table can be put on living room, family room, bed room and bathroom. This console table can be installed with or without chairs. It’s stand alone furniture. It can run its function without other furniture presence to complete it. If we have pretty glass modern console table design, this pretty design has to be showed. To do it by painting wall behind it with neutral color. So, this table will looked more striking. Then it’s time to add other elements to make it more beautiful.

Glass Modern Console

Here there are nine ideas to decorate this glass modern console. These ideas are using painting, poster, photo, mirror, flower on vase, art furnishing, wooden toy, table lamp and book. Some elements are put on this table and other elements are around it. Good painting with proper size is good to be installed above this console table. Besides it will make this table will be looked more interesting, it also become wall decoration.

Modern Console Tables With Storage

Poster and photo are similar function with painting, but poster and photo are cheaper than painting.  Family photos are good to be chosen. Giving it with modern frame to make it more stylish. Other wall art decoration element is mirror. Mirror here will have several functions. Besides to run its main function, it can decorate wall and this table, and also it can make brighter room by reflecting sun light from outside. So, if we will brightening room with natural light, installing mirror above this table is good choice. On bathroom, this glass modern console table can be functioned as bathroom vanity.

Modern Console Designs

Next decorating element is flower on vase. Fresh flower here will really make this console table become more fresh. It can be completed with art furnishing and wooden toy. Car toy from wooden is interesting to be put here. Other idea is by putting table lamp and book here. Putting book here will create impression that homeowners are well educated.

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