9 Ideas To Decorate Fish Tanks

Most people like aquarium with beautiful and funny fish inside it. Looking at these fishes make people feel relax and fresh. A good aquarium can be placed anywhere, such as on living room, bedroom, family room and kitchen. It will not beautiful before we decorate it. Here are nine fish tanks decoration ideas, we can consider to make it more beautiful. These are rock wall, plant, coral, ceramic, stone, gravel, ship and castle, background picture and fish. Starting from rock wall. A rock wall can be made from rock, concrete or synthetic material. Make sure this synthetic material is safe for fish. This wall can be hiding place for fish. But this wall may not too high. Build like mountain with height variation. This wall may not have height more than ½ aquarium height.

Fish Tanks Decoration Ideas

Plant is important fish tanks decoration ideas , both fake plant or live plant can be used here. But, it’s more natural if we choose live plant. Plant are used as hiding place for fish, because every fish like swim, playing and hide. If our aquarium is salt water type, entering living coral into aquarium is good. It can create such as the real under water living in the ocean for fish.

Aquarium Decor Themes

Other fish tanks decoration ideas are by placing ceramic, stone and gravel. Ceramic on dish or bowl shape are good idea. It can be used for fish when they will lie down for a moment or playing. Beautiful stone or rock can be added. And to give layer on bottom tank, we can give gravel. White gravel are good. It can make fish brighter than black gravel. It doesn’t matter if we want mix several gravel colors in this tank.

Freshwater Aquarium Design Ideas

Shape or castle from concrete or synthetic material can be added. These shape and castle can be placed on bottom. Castle can be used for hiding place. To beautify backside tank, it can be given background picture. We can buy on aquarium store. Glossy and colorful picture are right for this back side. Last factor is shape. No matter how beautiful we decorate this aquarium, it will be useless without existing beautiful and funny fish. Additionally element is lamp. It can be installed on top side aquarium.

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