9 Cheap Ideas To Decorate Fireplace In Corner

Fireplace in corner of room is useful appliance, especially on cold or winter season. Beautiful fireplace decorating is also increase room value. Nowadays, furniture and appliances usually run more than one duties. Besides for serving its main function, it’s also for beautifying room and run other additionally function. Here are nine cheap elements to decorate fireplace in corner: cheap oil painting, family photo, ceramic vase, artwork, mirror, candle, bookshelves, indoor plants and wall clock.

Fireplace In Corner

First idea to decorate fireplace in corner is putting cheap oil painting. We are unnecessary to buy great painting from great painters. It can be done if we have extra money. Good news, there are many painting stores that sell cheap oil paintings. Painting about landscape, flower, fish and so on are good to be put above fireplace.

Fireplace Mantel Corner

Second idea to beautify fireplace in corner is putting family photo. Put it above fireplace is other good place beside wall. Photos about family party, holiday family, kids on garden, grandma and grandpa and so on are good to be put there.

Fireplace In Corner Ideas

Third idea is putting ceramic vase. This ceramic can be put there with and without plants. It’s also good putting there without plant or flower on it. There are many cheap ceramic vase with various design, style and color can be bought. If this ceramic vase is plain without ornament, we can decorate it with paint.

Fourth idea is putting artwork. Artwork from wood, copper, iron and resin can be chosen. Artwork on shape like bird, horse, man head and so on are good to create decorative fireplace.

Fifth idea is installing mirror. Mirror is multifunction appliance. If we have beautiful mirror such as oval Venetian mirror, it can be put there. Other ordinary mirror with decorative frame is also good to be put there.

Sixth idea is putting candle. Candle on holder is good stuff to decorate and create romantic atmosphere. Candle now is available on various color and shape. For romantic room, buy candle on flower and heart shape.

Seventh idea is installing bookshelves above this fireplace. Then put favorite book collections on this bookshelves. Or we can put directly above fireplace without bookshelves if possible.

Eight idea is putting indoor plants above fireplace by putting on vase. Glass vase or ceramic vase are good to put these plants.

Ninth idea is putting wall clock above fireplace. Decorative wall clock such as nautical wall clock is good to decorate fireplace.

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