8 Unique Ideas For Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace mantel is important appliance on a home to protecting from cold weather. It can warm a room. Besides that, a good fireplace mantel is not only for warming a room, but it must able to beautify a room. Several ideas below maybe can help for decorating a fireplace mantel. Here they are: photo, painting, vacation souvenir, artwork, collection stuff, holiday decoration, clock and flower. Starting from photo. Install family photo above fireplace mantel is good idea. Several photo can be installed there. Choose several photos with sweet memories. While sitting in front of fireplace mantel, our mind will be remembered with sweet things in our life.

Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

Painting is the next popular decorating a fireplace mantel way. A beautiful painting in bright combination color than framed with stylish frame will be good decoration. Similar with photo, when installing this painting, it must be given in adequate distance from top side fireplace mantel. It’s to reduce hot influence from this appliance to make this painting more durable.

Decorating Ideas Fireplace Mantel

Artwork such as art furnishing article is also good for decorating a fireplace mantel. Beautiful artwork from wood or copper can be considered. Torso, crane or horse artwork are beautiful to be placed above fireplace mantel. Collection stuff is the next idea. If we like collect vintage handmade wooden toys, these toys are good to be placed here. Or maybe we like collect antique sword, it can be installed on the wall above this appliance.

Decorating Corner Fireplace Mantel

Holiday decoration is also good to be considered. If we ever visit to Malaysia, we can buy Petronas building miniature. This miniature is beautiful as wall decoration. Or maybe we ever go to Indonesia and visit Borobudur temple. This temple miniature is also beautiful ti be placed above this fireplace mantel. If we don’t like above ideas, maybe an antique wall clock, such as nautical wall clock can make this room become more special. A nautical wall clock in anchor or ship steering and made from wood is unique idea.

Last idea is put flower in vase here. Some beautiful flowers such as rose and orchid is good. WE can consider fake flower and fresh flower. Fresh flower is more beautiful and fresh, but it must be replace regularly with new flower. Fake flower is less maintenance but less fresh. However flower in vase is pretty decoration element on a room.

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