8 Ideas To Decorate Bedroom

A bedroom can be beautified by placing cool bedroom stuff. There are a lot of interesting stuffs that we can use to decorate a bedroom. Here eight ideas that we can use, these ideas are pillow, flower, artwork, table lamp, picture on the wall, sculpture, rugs and headboard. Starting from pillow. Pillow is not only for head foundation when sleeping, but pillow with beautiful decoration and motive can be a cool bedroom stuff. For example, pillow cover with floral or botanical theme are beautiful theme for pillow cover. Or maybe, we are not interested with pillow cover, but with its pillow. Pillow with swan feather as filler is special bedroom stuff.

Cool Bedroom Stuff

Fresh flower arrangement in vase is other cool bedroom stuff, as long as this flower is really special. Not ordinary flower. Black orchid is rare flower. If we can get it, it can be special stuff on bedroom. If we can create art work, it can be used to decorate bedroom. Painting, sculpture or carving are several art work type that we can create. Antique table lamp can be next cool bedroom stuff. Antique table lamp from eighteen century is special stuff if we can get one.

Cool Bedroom Things

The next cool bedroom stuff is picture. Oil canvas with beautiful frame is really beautiful to be installed on bedroom wall. Painting from famous painter such as Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Monet or Rembrandt are very expensive, but we can get one painting with similar concept or genre with those paintings. Similar with painting, sculpture from gypsum can be installed on he wall, but it can also be put on table, incorporated with table lamp. Sculpture with Alexander The Great or horse head are great choice.

Cool Bedroom Furniture

If we have extra money, we can buy Persian rugs. It’s really wonderful. It’s handmade. It’s exclusive. Original Persian rugs are sold with certificate to prove its authenticity. And the last idea is headboard. There are many headboard design and style ideas we can explore. There are many interesting  headboard themes, such as vintage, rustic, old style, carving, traditional and so on that we can choose.

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