8 Fast Growing Evergreens Trees We Should Know

As response of global warming issue and damage caused by glass house effect, now people start to try living in harmony with nature. Living in echo friendly environment or back to nature is more healthy for human living. It offers more fresh air and water and less pollution level. On this modern era, some strange diseases come caused by pollution. To realize this concept, people like to plant fast growing evergreens tree. This tree can grow fast. It make green environment. This tree can produce oxygen for human living. If we want to participate with this movement or because we want to create more healthy environment for our family, here they are eight trees we can choose: Thuja Green Giant, Carolina Sapphire Cypress, Juniper Skyrocket, Emerald Green Arborvitae, White Pine, Spring Grove Thuja, Norway Spruce and Techny Gold Arborvitae.

Fast Growing Evergreens

The first fast growing evergreens tree is Thuja Green Giant.  This tree can grow fast. It can live in narrow place. It’s good as hedge or fence around home. The next tree is Carolina Sapphire Cypress. Similar with Thuja Green Giant, this tree can also grow rapidly. It’s also good as hedge. Then, if we have difficult space, but we want to plant a tree here, Juniper Skyrocket is the answer. It can grow on this difficult place. Emerald Green Arborvitae is not only ordinary fast growing evergreens tree, but it’s also beautiful plant to beautify garden. Its leaf is looked lush and tidy. Plant this tree on garden make our garden more beautiful and healthy. It’s useful tree to be chosen.

Fast Growing Pine Trees

The next fast growing evergreens tree is White Pine. If our backyard is wide, plant White Pine will create freshness. This tree is recognized as tree for making paper. If we live in suburban region where some gadfly animal often destroy our garden, Spring Grove Thuja can be chosen for this purpose. This tree can be planted on tighter position. A gadfly animal such as deer will meet difficulty to pass this tree. It can be preventing tree from animal. We can call it as living fence.

Fast Growing Arborvitae

The next tree is Norway Spruce. This tree has shape such as Spring Grove Thuja and Thuja Gren Giant. This tree is beautiful to be planted on garden. This tree is fit for wide space area. The last tree is Techny Gold Arborvitae. It’s such as shrub tree. This leaf reflect gold color. It’s amazing on morning time if there is this tree on our backyard.

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