7 Ways To Create Southwestern Style Homes

Southwestern region has unique home architecture style. It’s reflected living in hot temperature region. All of interior, exterior and landscaping style have typical character. If we want to adapt this Southwestern style homes into our home, here are seven ways to do it. They are  color, pottery, garden, rug, furniture, accessories and wrought iron. Starting from color. Color play important part here. It can help to identify this home style. Orange, red, yellow and green are often used on this home. We can mix these colors. For example three wall sides with one neutral color and other wall side with bright color.

Southwestern Style Homes

Second factor is pottery. A Southwestern style homes will not complete without pottery inside home. Pottery on this home is flexible stuff. It can be used as vase for flower and also as container to store sugar. If we want to enter a flower into this pottery, consider sun flower. This plant can reflect plant from hot region. Third factor is garden. Decorate Southwestern style garden is simple. It doesn’t need many various flowers such as on other garden style. Cactus and ornamental grass are enough here. Pottery can also be placed here. To beautify this pottery, it can be decorated with art paint. Stepping stone is other character from this garden.

Southwestern Style Decorating

Fourth factor is rugs. Rugs, carpet and blanket in Southwestern style homes are exotic. We will find table cover and rugs are decorated with diamond picture in bright colors. Fifth factor is furniture. Southwestern style homes without specific style furniture will not complete. Leather, cotton and wool are often to cover sofa. Pine is popular wood to build this furniture. This furniture take old and rustic style. We will rare find modern style furniture on Southwestern style homes.

Southwestern Style Furniture

Sixth factor are accessories. Accessories from wood with bright colors are often used. Usually it’s decorated with art paint. Seven factor is wrought iron. We can find wrought iron on fireplace mantel, candle holder and coffee table.

Southwestern style homes

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