7 Types Of Bathroom Cabinet Doors

Cabinet for kitchen and bathroom can be made from many wood types, such as maple, birch, cherry, oak and hickory. Cabinet now is not only place to store anything. It runs more than one function. Besides for storing stuffs, this cabinet is also for decorating a room. It’s so why now cabinets are designed by considering aesthetic factor and durability factor. Including on aesthetic factor, cabinet door is important to showcase first time its cabinet beauty. If we will install cabinet on bathroom, recognize first types of bathroom cabinet doors before buying it. At least there are seven types of bathroom cabinet doors.

Bathroom Cabinet Doors

First bathroom cabinet doors type is slab. If we like simple style, slab is best choice. This door type is designed without frame. It’s simple and elegant. It’s like smooth wood sheet than is given ornament. Ornament for this door type usually is also simple, such as horizontal strip.

Refinish Bathroom Cabinet Doors

Second bathroom cabinet doors type is raised panel. Different with slab, this door type is decorated with frame. Panel on this door is made by joining all of part of solid lumber with glue. It has function to strengthen door frame.

Make Bathroom Cabinet Doors

Third type is recessed panel. Similar with raised panel, but it’s simpler. If we look cabinet door with country style, this door type is good choice. On this door, panel is installed inside frame.

Fourth type is curved panel. As its name this door is decorated with panel with curve shape. It’s less rigid than slab, raised and recessed panel.

Fifth type is cathedral panel. This door type is inspired from cathedral architecture style. It’s made by giving cathedral style into raised and recessed panel door type.

Sixth type is  beadboard panel. This door type is variant of recessed panel door type, but it’s made with more detail to create country style.

Seventh type is routed is part of engineered wood material then is processed to form like recessed or raised panel. Then this door is covered with laminate or painted.

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