7 Benefits Of Installing Linoleum

Linoleum is good alternative for tiling floor. It has many advantages. There are seven benefits of installing linoleum at our home. These are cheap, pattern, eco friendly, durable, easy to install, less maintenance and easy to replace. Starting from cheap. Compared with other tiling floor, such as ceramic or wood, linoleum is cheaper. This is cost effective material to be chosen. Second benefit is on pattern. On the store, we can find many various of style, design and pattern of this linoleum. Just choose which one we like that fit with its room interior where this linoleum will be installed.

Installing Linoleum

Third benefit of installing linoleum is eco friendly. Linoleum is made from eco friendly material. So installing this material in a home will create healthy environment. Fourth benefit is durable. Linoleum is water proof and scratch proof. This material is fit to be installed on high traffic place and wet place, such as on kitchen and bathroom. It will be good idea if we have plan to remodel bathroom with new floor. Besides that, this material is also fit to be installed on public building with high traffic.

Installing Linoleum Squares


Fifth benefit of installing linoleum is easy to install. This material can be installed over concrete and wood. To install this linoleum is only needed less tools, just use sharp knife and adhesive are enough. Sixth benefit is less maintenance. To clean this material from dirt is easy. Just use water, broom, pill and cleaner. If using cleaner, make sure this cleaner will not erase its linoleum decoration.

Installing Linoleum In A Bathroom

Last benefit is easy to replace. If floor use ceramic, it will not easy if for some reasons, we will replace and change with other ceramic. With linoleum, this problem is solved. If we feel bored with its appearance and we want to change new style to create new appearance, this linoleum can be replaced easily. Then new linoleum can be installed fast without difficulty.

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